High Blood Pressure Research Council of Australia

2007 Annual Scientific Meeting Photos



Malcolm West, Jaye Chin-Dusting, Stephen Harrap, Brian Morris,                  Tien Wong (Colin I Johnston Lecturer)

Karen Duggan, Geoff Head, Louise Burrell and Lindon Wing



Dmitry Mayorov (Foundation Fellow), awarded by Harald Schmidt                Tim Burton, (BHS Winner) awarded by Harald Schmidt



Conference Dinner – Dance Floor



Ian Frazer (Austin Doyle Lecturer) and Stephen Harrap                                  Lars Lindholm (Special Lecturer) and Stephen Harrap



Yi Zhang, Rae-Chi Huang, Rohit Ramchandra, Niwanthi Rajapakse,               Kade Davison, Ya Ping Lee, Damie Phua, Claudia McCarthy,

Melinda Carrington and Cara Büsst                                                                 Adelle McArdle and Luke Burchill

(Early Career Investigator Oral Finalists)                                                         (Student Oral Finalists)



Julianne Reid and Rob Widdop                                                                       Guido Grassi (RD Wright Lecturer), awarded by Murray Esler



Rae-Chi Huang, awarded with the Early Career Investigator Oral Award       Angela Makris, awarded with the Early Career Investigator Poster Award



Claudia McCarthy, awarded with the Student Oral Award                              Sonja Tesanovic, awarded with the Student Poster Award