Executive Committee

Michael Stowasser

PRESIDENT: Professor Michael Stowasser
The University of Queensland

Tel: (07) 3176 2176
Email: m.stowasser@uq.edu.au

Gavin Lambert

SECRETARY: Professor Gavin Lambert
Baker Heart & Diabetes Institute 

Tel: (03) 8532 1346
Email: gavin.lambert@bakeridi.edu.au

Geoff Head

TREASURER: Professor Geoff Head
Baker Heart & Diabetes Institute 

Tel: (03) 8532 1332
Email: geoff.head@bakeridi.edu.au

Genevieve Gabb

SA Health

Tel: (08) 
Email: genevieve.gabb@health.sa.gov.au

Markus Schlaich

CORPORATE LIAISON: Professor Markus Schlaich
The University of Western Australia

Tel: (08) 9224 0382
Email: markus.schlaich@uwa.edu.au

SOCIETY LIAISON: Associate Professor Karen Moritz 
School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Queensland

Tel: (07) 3365 4598
Email: k.moritz@uq.edu.au

ABSTRACT EDITOR: Professor Emeritus Brian Morris 
School of Medical Sciences (Physiology)
University of Sydney

Tel: (02) 9351 3688
Email: brian.morris@sydney.edu.au

CLINICAL LIAISON: Professor Mark Nelson 
Menzies Institute for Medical Research, University of Tasmania

Tel: (03) 6226 4734
Email: mark.nelson@utas.edu.au

Brad Broughton

PROGRAM MANAGER: Dr Bradley Broughton 
Monash University

Tel: (03) 9905 0915
Email: bradley.broughton@monash.edu

Francine Marques

PROGRAM MANAGER: Dr Francine Marques 
Baker Heart & Diabetes Institute

Tel: (03) 8532 1916
Email: francine.marques@monash.edu

Rachel Climie

YI Representative/ Social Media (Co-opted): Dr Rachel Climie 
Baker Heart & Diabetes Institute

Tel: (03) 8532 1834
Email: rachel.climie@bakeridi.edu.au

The Secretariat may be contacted via email or phone, and your enquiry will be responded to as quickly as possible. Email: admin@yoursecretariat.com.au
Phone: +61 2 4356 0007