2014 State of the Heart Meeting

2014 State of the Heart Meeting

The High Blood Pressure Research Council of Australia has been at the forefront of research into the causes, prevention and treatment of high blood pressure since its inception in 1979. Our research incorporates the full range from experimental molecular biology and genetics to human physiology and drug treatment of hypertension.

Its members are among the national and international leaders in the field of cardiovascular research, through clinical trials, research projects, journal editorships, various academic, government and commercial committees and as active organisers and participants at major conferences.

The Council maintains regular communication with members through our highly informative electronic newsletter and new members are always welcome.

We particularly welcome younger members in the form of higher degree students and postdoctoral scientists and clinicians to the Council. One of the major aims of the Council is to foster young careers by building links with peers and senior members of Council and providing financial support, especially for travel to conferences.

The Council holds its own Annual Scientific Meeting, when members and students present their latest research findings. The abstracts from the meeting are published in Hypertension. The meeting comprises special sessions and prizes for students and young investigators. The meeting highlights include 3 named lectures: the R D Wright, the Austin E Doyle and the Colin I Johnston lectureships awarded to leading scientists, physicians and researchers. The 2011 Annual Scientific Meeting – our 33rd – was held in Perth from December 7-9. In 2012, the Council was delighted to host the Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Hypertension – Hypertension Sydney 2012.  Our 2014 meeting was held in Adelaide jointly with the International Society of Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy, AAS, AVBS and the ASCEPT  Cardiovascular Special Interest Group.

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Any enquiry may be directed to our Secretariat.