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May 2007


A very brief e-news but an important one with information about World Hypertension Day on May 17, Paul Korner’s Book Launch on May 16 as well as Cardiovascular and Lipid Research Grants, closing May 25. 


Don’t forget the ASM this year will be in Adelaide 5-7 December. This will be a joint HBPRCA-ASCEPT-SEAWP meeting and thus a wide audience particularly in the joint sessions are anticipated. 


Last minute reminder: Lindon Wing’s Festschrift on the 24 – 25 May 2007 in Adelaide.


With best wishes,


Associate Professor Geoffrey A Head




World Hypertension Day is rapidly approaching on May 17 and the High Blood Pressure Research Council of Australia is taking a pro-active role in publicising this important event. The publicity firm Professional Public Relations in Sydney (PPR) has been made available to the Council to help with publicity on the day, all of which will be under the Council's banner. PPR are also planning publicity through television, radio and press around the country.


Major happenings include 24-hour blood pressure measurements on notable folk including the Federal Minister for Health Tony Abbott, Sunrise host David Koch and other media identities in the various states


Invitation to Council Members to Participate

To help on the day, it would be terrific if there were members of the Council who were prepared to make themselves available on the day for the local State-based media. Given the nature of the event, it is probably best that our Council expert volunteers are medically qualified to handle the questions about prevention and treatment, but that doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be great to have stories with research aspects also available for the media.


It would be even better if there were patients (for example a young person with high BP who had recovered from a stroke and was now well-controlled) who might be prepared to make themselves available to provide a human-interest angle for the media.


If you would be happy to be listed as a media contact and/or you have a willing patient or 2, could you let Athina at Meetings First know the details as soon as possible?


It should be a memorable WHD!


From your President Stephen Harrap











World Hypertension also

coincides with our

"Take the Pressure Down"

initiative supported by an

Educational Grant from

sanofi aventis

that aims to ensure Australians

are aware of their blood pressure



On behalf of the Board of Management & Staff, Professor Garry Jennings AM, Director of the Baker Heart Research Institute and Professor James Angus, Dean of Medicine, the University of Melbourne, have pleasure inviting you to the launch of Essential Hypertension and Its Causes: Neural and Non-Neural Mechanisms, by Paul Korner.



On Wednesday 16th May 2007, 5pm – 7pm


Baker Heart Research Institute

Habersberger Family Suite

7th Floor, 75 Commercial Road, Melbourne


RSVP 11th May 2007

Phone: 61 3 8532 1111

Email: reception@baker.edu.au                                                            


In this remarkable book, Professor Korner has provided a unique synthesis of the pathogenesis of essential hypertension, which will provide an invaluable resource for hypertension researchers, cardiovascular physicians and neuroscientists. The normal operations of the brain and peripheral components of the circulatory control system have been described in relation to the changes observed in hypertension. An integrative analysis, in the context of genetic and environmental contributions to high blood pressure leads to a new, clinically relevant, hypothesis of the causes and mechanisms that are responsible for the rise in blood pressure.


About the author:

Paul Korner graduated in Science and Medicine at the University of Sydney over 50 years ago. He was Foundation Professor of Physiology at the University of NSW (1960-1968), Scandrett Professor of Cardiology at the medical school of the University of Sydney (1968-1974) and Director of the Baker Medical Research Institute and Professor of Medicine at Monash University (1974 – 1990) and now holds emeritus positions in both the latter institutions. He is an outstanding figure in hypertension research and his eagerly awaited monograph will influence those working in the field throughout the world.


Copies of the book will be for available for purchase on the night at the special price of $144.50





To celebrate Lindon Wing’s lifetime of marvellous achievements we are holding a scientific meeting and dinner on May 24-25 at the Art Gallery in Adelaide. We would welcome any one who would like to celebrate with us. Please contact Jill Richards – jillian.richards@flinders.edu.au, telephone (08) 8204 4039 for further information.




The Pfizer Cardiovascular and Lipid Research Grants program is looking for Australian medical graduates who have entered the field of research (or have returned to research after an appropriate break) within the last 5 years.


The grants are available for clinical research across the fields of (but not necessarily confined to):


·         Cardiovascular Disease

·         Stroke

·         Lipid Disorders


 Applications close May 25, 2007.  For more information or to obtain an application form visit: www.cvlgrants.com.au






March 2007 Newsletter

To view the ASMR March 2007 Newsletter, please click here.


The ASMR Research Awards

The Australian Society for Medical Research invites applications for “The ASMR Research Awards”. Each award ($5000 international or $2000 domestic) will support a postgraduate student member of the Society nearing completion of their studies or a recently graduated postdoctoral member to undertake a short period of research in a laboratory outside their home city.


The award specifically excludes support for conference attendance and travel for an extended period of postdoctoral studies.


Applicants for “The ASMR Research Awards” must have been members of the ASMR for at least 12 months immediately preceding the year in which the Award application is to be considered. Applicants must have no more than 3 years active research post their highest degree (career interruptions will be considered). The Award must be taken up during the first 6 months of the following year.


The recipients of the Award will be announced at the National Scientific Conference of the Society. A condition of receipt of the Award is that the recipients will be available to present their data at the National Scientific Conference of the Society in the year of the Award. Further, the recipients will provide an article about their research for inclusion in the November issue of the newsletter of the Society in the year of the Award. Any publications resulting from work supported by the Award should acknowledge the financial contribution of “The ASMR Research Award”.



  1. Complete the Application Form, making clear whether it is for an international or a domestic Award
  2. Provide on a maximum of 2 A4 pages (pages in excess of this limit will be removed - use 12 point font, minimum 2cm borders) a description of your current research activities, the proposed use of the award and an indication of how the award will advance your studies. Quotes for airfares should be attached.
  3. Include a brief (1 page) curriculum vitae [including Scholarships and Awards] with publications listed as follows i) peer-reviewed publications, ii) book chapters or invited reviews, iii) patents and iv) proceedings and conference abstracts.
  4. Applicants must provide with their application a letter of support from the proposed laboratory to be visited. If the proposal requires additional financial support other than that provided by the award, evidence of availability of that support must be provided.


The award will be judged on the following criteria -

    • Proposed project (goals, design, methods, and feasibility),
    • Significance of project for the advancement of knowledge and potential for improvement of health,
    • How collaboration will advance the applicants studies and collaborators’ track record in the field, and
    • Applicant track record (scholarships, awards, and publications).


One International and one Domestic Award is offered annually. ASMR reserves the right not to offer an

Award in either category in any given year


The original application and four copies should be sent to: The Honorary Secretary, ASMR, 145 Macquarie Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000. Applications must be received by the closing date (5:00pm, Friday September 28, 2007). Facsimiles will not be accepted.


Please click here for application form.





HBPRCA Secretariat

Athina Patti at

Meetings First

t          61 3 9739 7697

f          61 3 9739 7076

e         hbprca@meetingsfirst.com.au

w         www.hbprca.com.au





HBPRCA would like to acknowledge the ongoing support of the following sponsors:







Society for Endocrinology BES 2007

5 – 8 May 2007


Click here for meeting website

XVIIth Scientific Sessions of the Inter-American Society of Hypertension (IASH)

6 – 10 May 2007

Miami Beach, Florida, USA

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Lipids in Clinical Medicine Section: Obesity and adipose tissue biology

10 May 2007
The Royal School of Medicine, London

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American Society of Hypertension

19 – 23 May 2007

Click here for meeting website

Lindon Wing Festschrift

24 – 25 May 2007

Adelaide, Australia

Click here for more information.

Metabolic Syndrome: fatty livers and arteries
7 June 2007

Royal College of Physicians, London

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Heart Failure 2007

9– 12 June 2007

Hamburg - Germany

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17th European Meeting on Hypertension

15 – 19 June 2007


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Europace 2007

24 – 27 June 2007

Lisbon – Portugal

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H.E.A.R.T UK 21st Annual Medical & Scientific Meeting

27 – 29 June 2007


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Key Advances in the Management of Hypertension (joint RSM/BHS Meeting)

4 July 2007
Royal Society of Medicine, London

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ESC Congress 2007

1 – 5 September 2007

Vienna – Austria

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Annual Scientific Meeting of the British Hypertension Society
24 – 26 September 2007
St. John’s College, Cambridge

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61st High Blood Pressure Research Conference 2007

26 – 29 September 2007

Tucson, AZ, USA

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2007 Cardiometabolic Health Congress

27 – 29 September 2007

Boston, MA, USA

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High Blood Pressure Research Council of Australia’s Annual Scientific Meeting

5 – 7 December 2007

Adelaide, South Australia

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Western Pharmacological Society Meeting

27 – 31 January 2008

Kona Coast, Hawaii

Further information coming soon!


2nd International Conference on Hypertension, Lipids, Diabetes and Stroke Prevention

6 – 8 March 2008

Prague, Czech Republic

Click here for meeting website


ISH 2008 – The 22nd Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Hypertension

14 – 19 June 2008

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Annual Scientific Meeting of the British Hypertension Society
24 – 26 September 2008
Queen’s College, Cambridge

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2nd International Symposium on Pheochromocytoma

17 – 20 September 2008
Queens College, Cambridge

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