Megan Evans reports on her 2016 BHS experience

First and foremost I would like to thank the High Blood Pressure Research Council of Australia for the opportunity to present my research at the British Hypertension Society meeting in Dublin, Ireland in September.  This meeting allowed me to engage with leaders in the field of cardiovascular disease and listen to some excellent advances in cardiovascular disease treatment.  On this point, I was particularly excited to see the results of recent clinical trials using thrombectomy for ischemic stroke. The results of these trials are extremely promising and may allow a much larger proportion of stroke patients to receive treatment compared to standard tPA therapy.

My presentation, although quite different to the overall theme of the conference, was extremely well received.  It was also great to discuss my findings with a number of clinician-scientists and get a more clinical perspective on my basic science research.

This award also provided me financial aid to visit potential labs that I could pursue post-doctoral research in when I finish my PhD.  I was fortunate enough to visit the laboratory of Prof. Cenk Ayata, which is located at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Prof. Ayata’s group has played a key role in identifying a number of mechanisms augmenting and limiting injury depolarization after stroke. It was also a privilege to present some of my Ph.D. research to his group. During my presentation I received invaluable ideas and feedback, which I intend to use in my Ph.D. studies.

Overall, this trip was a fantastic experience and I would like to thank the HBPRCA again for providing me with such a great opportunity.