2016 – Joint Meeting ISH, APSH and KSH – Seoul Korea

26th Meeting of the International Society of Hypertension (Hypertension Seoul 2016) in collaboration with the 12th Congress of the Asian Pacific Society of Hypertension (APSH) and the 25th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Korean Society of Hypertension (KSH)

Hypertension Seoul 2016 will be held in Seoul, Korea from September 24-29, 2016. Hypertension Seoul 2016 promises to be a great opportunity to showcase hypertension control in the rapidly developing Asia Pacific region, facilitate the exchange of information, and improve hypertension control capacities and enhance hypertension control preparedness on the globe. The scientific program will be carefully designed to offer sessions in various categories that cover the most urgent and important topics and issues that we are facing at the present. A large number of world-renowned scholars and doctors will also be invited to speak about their remarkable achievements and findings and share their expertise. Seoul, Korea’s dynamic capital and an industrial and cultural hub of Northeast Asia, is also a city of breathtaking.natural beauty—with the Han River flowing through its heart in harmony with the many mountains surrounding the megalopolis—and a rich historic and cultural heritage.It is also widely recognized as a world-class convention destination for all types of meetings and events. The high quality facilities, services, and know how provided will ensure a most productive and unforgettable Hypertension Seoul 2016. Click here for the event website.

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