History of the High Blood Pressure Research Council of Australia


The HBPRCA was formed in 1979 after consultation with senior members of the Australian hypertension research community, led by Professors Paul Korner and Austin Doyle. The initial Steering Committee consisted of A E Doyle (Chairman), P I Korner (Secretary), C I Johnston (Treasurer), B A Scoggins, D A Denton, P Kincaid-Smith, J P Chalmers, G W Boyd, G S Stokes, L Beilin, and R Gordon. The Constitution was adopted in 1980 and the Council became an Incorporated Association in 1993.

On 17 November 2022, HBPRCA was officially registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee with the new name of Hypertension Australia Ltd. This change was enthusiastically supported by the membership with the transitional Board leading the new mission and vision of the organisation. 

Hypertension Australia constitution v1 17 November 2022 to view the current constitution.


The Council have been honoured by the distinguished persons who served as President.

Austin E Doyle 1979 -1983

John P Chalmers 1984 -1986

Paul Korner 1987 – 1989

Colin I Johnston 1990 – 1992

Lawrie Beilin 1993 – 1995

Warwick P Anderson 1996 – 1998

Judith Whitworth 1999 – 2001

Garry Jennings 2002 – 2004

Stephen B Harrap 2005 – 2010

Jaye Chin-Dusting 2011 – 2016

Michael Stowasser 2017 – 2019

Markus Schlaich 2020- 2022

November 2022 HBPRCA became Hypertension Australia Ltd.

Chairman of the Board

Markus Schlaich 2022 – 2023 (Transitional Board)


Annual Scientific Meetings

The Foundation Meeting of Council was held on 14 December 1979, at the University of Melbourne with Professor Austin Doyle acting as the inaugural Chairman. 47 Foundation members attended the inaugural meeting. Professor Alberto Zanchetti was the inaugural guest lecturer at the foundation meeting, and he became the first Honorary Life Member of the Council. The meeting has grown over the intervening years, but remains the premier meeting for the discussion of research on hypertension epidemiology, causes, mechanisms, prevention and treatment.
In 1991, the invited lecture presented by an international speaker was named the R D Wright Lecture in honour of Professor Emeritus Sir Roy Douglas Wright AK, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to research. The RD Wright named lecturer is an international researcher in hypertension, who is well known and respected.

In 1993, in honour of Professor Austin E Doyle, the inaugural Chairman of the Council, a lecture to be presented by an outstanding Australian or New Zealander was named the Austin Doyle Lecture in recognition of Professor Doyle’s outstanding contribution to hypertension research both in Australia and internationally. The Austin Doyle named lecturer is a national speaker and external to the field of hypertension. To commemorate the contribution to the Council of Dr Robert Vandongen, a ‘Bob Vandongen Travel Award’ was established in 1993 to facilitate the travel of young investigators from Western Australia.

The Foundation for High Blood Pressure Research Colin I Johnston Lectureship was introduced in honour and recognition of Colin’s leadership and contributions to the Council and Foundation. The Colin Johnston name lecturer is to be a young, but established, investigator with international success who is a current HBPRCA Member.

Named Lectureships


No. Year Venue R D Wright Lecturer Austin Doyle Lecturer Colin I Johnston Lecturer
1 1979 Melbourne Alberto Zanchetti    
2 1980 Melbourne J. Henry    
3 1981 Melbourne L. Tobian    
4 1982 Melbourne John Swales    
5 1983 Melbourne Garry Nicholls    
6 1984 Sydney Peter Sever    
7 1985 Melbourne A. Cowley    
8 1986 Melbourne Hans Brunner    
9 1987 Melbourne S. Schwartz    
10 1988 Melbourne Tony Lever    
11 1989 Melbourne Allyn Mark    
12 1990 Melbourne Stevo Julius    
13 1991 Adelaide Graham MacGregorM. Schalekamp    
14 1992 Melbourne Guiseppe Mancia    
15 1993 Melbourne Wayne Alexander    
16 1994 Brisbane John Connell    
17 1995 Melbourne Pierre Corvol John Shine  
18 1996 Melbourne Loring Rowell Stephen MacMahon  
19 1997 Fremantle Takao Saruta Wendy Hoy  
20 1998 Melbourne Suzanne Oparil -Keynote: Martha Hill Grant Sutherland  
21 1999 Melbourne David Webb Nick Nicola  
22 2000 Sydney Alan Lopez Robert Graham  
23 2001 Melbourne Peter de Leeuw Max Bennett  
24 2002 Melbourne (AHMRC) Arya Sharma Chris Goodnow  
25 2003 Melbourne Ernesto Schiffrin Keynote: Ian Wilkinson Robert Lewis  
26 2004 Sydney (AHMRC) Yutaka Imai Peter Doherty  
27 2005 Melbourne Anna Dominiczak Terry Dwyer Shaun Jackson
28 2006 Brisbane Freidrich Luft John Mattick Mark Febbraio
29 2007 Adelaide Guido Grassi
Keynote: Lars Lindholm
Ian Frazer Tien Wong
30 2008 Melbourne Carlos Ferrario David Sinclair Bruce Neal
31 2009 Sydney Frans Leenen Michael Cowley Alex Brown
32 2010 Melbourne David Harrison David Celermajer Anthony Ashton
33 2011 Perth Peter Rothwell Rob Parton Martin Ng
34 2012 Sydney (Hypertension Sydney) Eric Olson Peter Doherty Chris Sobey
35 2013 Melbourne (joint with AAS) William Sessa Simon McKeon Markus Schlaich
36 2014 Adelaide (joint with AAS, AVBS, ASCEPT-CV, ISCP) Rhian Touyz Brian Schmidt Tom Marwick
37 2015 Melbourne, AMREP Michael Joyner Steve Simpson Gemma Figtree
38 2016 Hobart (joint with AAS and AVBS) Nilesh Samani Alan Cooper Chris Semsarian
39 2017 Melbourne, Victoria University David Ellison Caroline McMillen Fadi Charchar
40 2018 Stamford Hotel, Glenelg, SA Stephane Laurent Melissa Little James Sharman
41 2019 Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre Alta Schutte Ingrid Scheffer Grant Drummond
42 2020 Virtual Martha Gulati Suzanne Cory Elisabeth Lambert
43 2021 Virtual Neil Poulter Clare Collins Clara Chow
44 2022 Melbourne Business School Tazeen Jafar Laura Mackay Rebecca Ritchie

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