Hypertension Australia Membership

Member Login

To log in and renew your membership please click HERE for the membership portal. 

If you have any questions please email admin@yoursecretariat.com.au

Benefits of Membership

Membership benefits include:

Reduced fees at the Annual Scientific Meeting and opportunities to apply for:

  • Research Exchange grants
  • Foundation Transition grants
  • Awards and Prizes at the ASM including trips to BIHS or AHA
  • Attendance at Science Meets Parliament
  • Attendance at APSH Summer School in Asia
  • Affiliate membership of Science and Technology Australia
  • Regular newsletters 
  • Clinical Education Meetings and Initiatives

To Renew

All existing members receive an e mail with renewal instructions when renewal is required. If you do not receive an e mail, it may be because we do not have your current email address. To log in and renew your membership please click HERE for the membership portal. 

Students are NOT required to renew annually and no payment is required. Students MUST renew as a paying full member once their studies are completed, or if their expected study completion date changes advise the secretariat at  admin@yoursecretariat.com.au 

Membership fees are due each year by 30 June.

To Join

  • Membership of Hypertension Australia is open to persons who have demonstrated continuing activity in some aspect of hypertension and/or high blood pressure.
  • Student membership is FREE of charge!
  • Membership applications (both full or student) should be made via the website. Please click HERE to start your membership application.  It is recommended that you enter an alternate email address if you have one to ensure our emails reach you, a personal email is ideal (and will not be shared).
  • Honorary Membership is available to members on their retirement from academic or clinical employment.
  • Honorary Life Membership may be proposed for outstanding contributors to the the organisation.

Special Circumstances Membership

This membership category has been established for recent graduates moving from Student Membership to full Ordinary Membership in the Hypertension Australia, and is also extended to those on maternity leave.

In an instance where the Applicant has:

  1. completed a degree program and
  2. is no longer considered eligible for Student Membership and;
  3. has requested a temporary exemption from paying membership fees

The Hypertension Australia Board:

  1. with the recognition that the exemption allows the Applicant to retain an affiliation with Hypertension Australia and;
  2. with the understanding that the Applicant will become a full Ordinary Member on return to Australia may grant the exemption and grant the Applicant Special Circumstances Membership on the basis that the Applicant:
  1. is in the first 5 years after graduation from the degree program
  2. is engaged in relevant career training in a laboratory outside Australia

With Special Circumstances Membership the Applicant will be:

  1. entitled to receive Hypertension Australia E-News by email
  2. allowed to submit abstracts for the HBPRCA ASM during the period of Special Circumstances Membership
  3. allowed to register as an Ordinary Member for the HBPRCA ASM during the period of Special Circumstances Membership

When you receive an e mail to renew please ensure your contact details are updated and advise the secretariat you wish to apply for “Special Circumstances” membership.

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