Participate In Research

Participate in Research

We are updating the section on our website “Participate in research”. If you are conducting a research study and are currently/planning to recruit study participants, we would be happy to help promote your study. Please contact to provide details to be added to the website. 

Breast Cancer Exercise Trial 

The Sports Cardiology lab is looking for women aged 40-75 years with no personal or family history of breast cancer to be controls in a trial to test whether exercise training during chemotherapy is helpful in protecting heart and blood vessel function.

The study is assessing whether undertaking an exercise program in combination with standard breast cancer treatment can help maintain heart health in breast cancer patients.

The team is looking to get recruitment underway but testing won’t take place until it is safe to do.

At the completion of testing, participants will receive a comprehensive report of their cardio-respiratory health. Results from this study may be used to develop guidelines for identifying women at risk of developing heart failure as a result of their breast cancer treatments. The results could also help to inform exercise recommendations to maintain health and function in women undergoing breast cancer treatment.

For details about participation and what’s involved, click here

Marques Laboratory – School of Biological Sciences

The Marques Laboratory are recruiting for multiple clinical trials including:

The use of prebiotics to lower blood pressure – which aims to determine if dietary supplements which produce high levels of substances produced as a result of microbial fermentation could be used as a new strategy to lower blood pressure.

The role of gut pH in blood pressure regulation.

For details about participation and what’s involved, click here.

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