On behalf of the HBPRCA we forward this message from the World Heart Federation and would like to encourage you to consider participation in their survey.


Dear Members,

This is our last call for feedback on the upcoming WHF Roadmap on Hypertension. To ensure the global representativity of this survey, we are particularly interested in receiving feedback from the countries displayed in red on this map, for which we have no responses yet. This includes many countries in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Your input will ensure that your region’s perspective is reflected in the new edition of this essential guiding document for anyone involved in the planning, development and implementation of interventions to tackle hypertension at the local, national and regional level.

Our short survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete and includes questions relating to the treatment of hypertension in your region, existing barriers to prevention and treatment, and potential solutions.

Who should be involved?

Our aim is to collate the views of as many countries as possible. We therefore ask each of our Members to forward this survey to relevant individuals who you feel can appropriately take part in providing this input. This is your opportunity to offer the feedback and input of your country or region, so we strongly encourage your participation.

Next Steps?

The feedback provided through this survey will inform the work of our core expert writing group.


The survey will be open until 9 September 2020. Please ensure that we receive your feedback before this date.

We thank you in advance for your valuable contributions.

Kind regards,

Prof Neil Poulter | Co-Chair, Hypertension Roadmap Writing Group

Prof Dorairaj Prabhakaran | Co-Chair, Hypertension Roadmap Writing Group

Tania Séverin | WHF Roadmaps Project Manager


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